5G and sustainable growth

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Posted on 29.01.2021
5G is a serious societal development, it will greatly promote our use of digital technology. It will give many innovations allowing the development of Smart City thanks to connected applications. The uses will aim to optimize our way of developing ourselves by prioritizing sustainable and lasting growth. Moreover, the current challenge is to ensure an energy transition of telecom infrastructures such as 4G and 5G aerials.


This fifth generation of mobile communication is as a disruptive generation which consumes less energy than previous technologies. It will open up the range of possibilities by increasing the number of uses, however diverse they may be.

Virtual reality, autonomous and connected cars, telemedicine, iot, smart city and industry of the future, 5G should make these advanced technologies accessible. And for good reason, it will be a real source of development because it allows a leap in performance in speed and reliability communication.
• Speed ​​multiplied by 10 compared to 4G
• Response time (latency) divided by 10 compared to 4G
• 1-10 Gbit / second against 15 Mbit / second for 4G


“We want to make digital technology a tool for the ecological transition, it is not a fashion. It is a requirement. This is not a detail, it is now a fundamental principle." Statement by Cedric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications.

At the dawn of the technological revolution represented by 5G and the infinite number of uses that will result from it, TETRADIS is part of a committed mission to combine digital progress and the environment.

We are sensitive to this sustainable development approach, that is why we support now our customers in the most suitable energy mix in order to introduce all or part of renewable energy into the power supply of connected or isolated (off-grid) telecom sites. 

Our POWER solutions answered to an environmental dimension. Furthermore, it will be able to provide a concrete response to regions where there are real needs in connectivity, whether they are black spot areas in the metropolitan area or remote areas around the world. The challenge is to improve connectivity to guarantee access to education and information in order to give a chance to future generations.
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