A company committed to the image of those who make it up

« Sustainable growth in line with our ambitions. »

TETRADIS has been committed for several years in order to respond to the environmental, societal and ethical challenges which have become essential today. We are guided by the sign of progess, sustainability and innovation. That's why, we act on a daily basis in favor of the environment and the well-being of our employees.

Tetradis RSE

Our environmental commitment

  • Let's sort and recycle our waste
    • Promote the reuse in draft, sorting and recycling of printed papers
    • Reduce the printing volume and collect used consumables
    • Dematerialize most of administrative documents
    • Recover our industrial waste (pallets, drums, packaging, paper, etc.) using adapted sorting procedures
    • Favor the use of TETRADIS corporate mugs in the coffee machine in order to limit the use of single-use plastic cups
  • Save our energies
    • Raise awareness among teams about our energy consumption: reduction of sending emails, switching off lights, computer ...
    • Install photovoltaic panels and hybrid terminal to supply part of the site with energy
  • Let's produce responsibly
    • Promote Made in France production
    • Encourage short circuits by favoring local partners
    • Interact with local public actors
    • Favor the reuse of materials in the development of our POWER solutions
    • Raise awareness of our decisions in the choice of our suppliers
    • Offer total transparency on our production conditions
    • Maximize our reuse of pallets for sending our products
  • Let's reduce the carbon footprint of our trips
    • Encourage videoconferences to minimize trip
    • Manage schedules in order to bring together events and thus streamline trip

Our social commitment

  • We guarantee health and safety at work
    • Develop optimized workspaces for the safety and comfort of all
    • Train employees in Workplace Lifeguards
    • Inform the teams about safety rules at work
  • Respect labor law
    • Promote equality between men and women
    • Promote youth employment through work-study programs
    • Support employees in training and skills development
  • Let's develop the well-being at work approach
    • Offer pleasant work and break spaces thanks to an optimized layout (clean spaces, green plants in the offices, uncluttered layout ...)
    • Organize one internal seminar every year and days focused on team cohesion
    • Develop a management system based on kindness and listening
    • Promote work-life balance
    • Fight against harassment and discrimination at work
    • Support employees in setting up teleworking
  • Act according to the values that drive us
    • Integrate employees in the definition of TETRADIS values
    • Take daily action in favor of our values

Our values

  • Innovation
    To innovate is to provide our customers with new and useful responses to their needs real. It is part of the DNA of TETRADIS from the start, she is even at the origin of his creation.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities and is the mirror of our skills. It is a prerequisite for the development and sustainability of TETRADIS.
  • Confidence
    Confidence allows us to build lasting and solid relationships with our employees, partners and customers. These privileged links develop personal confidence and skills.
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