A kitting service and effective

« Allows the field team to be rapid and performent. »

By the way of final customers, TETRADIS offer to all the installers an Integration service. Cabinets, street cabinets, splicing shelves and other passive components are integrated, according to the needs, upstream of the field deployment. Fiber closures offered through standard manufacturers solutions are then integrated with adapters, pigtails and splitters, avoiding teams handling operations on the field It’s also a quality guarantee for the customer, who makes sure that the components are tested and approved by our quality labs, before being put in service for the final customer.

TETRADIS offers an integration and connectorisation service for Indoor and street cabinets , to fit with installers demands. A technical support in the field is also possible, do not hesitate to solicit TETRADIS teams!

TETRADIS also offers a Kitting Service, to offer a better reactivity on construction sites. This service results to a precise study of customers’ needs to anticipate flows and facilitate logistic management, an optimize stocks management and enable more reactive deployments. This service accompanies the customer on the construction site because he receives a unique reference grouping several components.

 A Kitting and Integration service
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