A technical and personalized accompaniment

« TETRADIS purpose to all its customers efficient services to respond to demanding demands. »

Customer satisfaction is a keystone for TETRADIS. hat is why it offers all of its customers various services to support them in their daily and to offer them simple and effective solutions for their Ultra-High speed broadband deployments.

TETRADIS offers various services :

A Kitting and Integration service

A kitting and integration service adapted to customer’s needs. This service enables upstream installation of Telecom, VDI and Security solutions. Through the TETRADIS production department, your optical shelves, your cabinet or your street cabinets are custom built.

The Kitting Service

Design Office/Resarch & Development

A Research & Development department included at the hearth of THD Factory, thanks to which TETRADIS designs and develops efficiently, and tailor-made, its products. From the diagnosis of the need to the 3D drawing by way of the prototyping and the field test, TETRADIS adapts the products to your constraints to facilitate your ultra high speed broadbrand deployments.

Design Office/Resarch & Development
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