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« For each need, there is a TETRADIS solution. »

TETRADIS being committed to bring satisfaction to its customers, the technical sales team thought and created solutions adapted to each need, also fitting to market’s evolutions and norms to answer to the more exigent requests.

4 solutions have been declined :

FTTH Solution

FTTH Solution

Introducing an optical fiber network as it could be deployed by a collectivity or in a big town, by a telecom operator. Each product is so detailed, from the outdoor street cabinet to the burried fiber closure, but also componant as splicing shelves, cables and outdoor boxes, it is a question of proposing a complete solution dedicated to the very high speed.

See FTTH Solution



This solution highlights the products needed for datacenter installation, by an operator or for a company. We thus find indoor cabinets, active equipments, splicing shelves and cabling equipment. An optimal solution for a performing datacenter.


VDI Solution

VDI Solution

Destined to a tertiary use, the products proposed in the VDI solution will allow the telecom installer or the electrician to link the final customer to the multiple network connections needed, telephony, internet or other. RJ45 plugs, electric powerstrips, cabinets and indoor computer cases which are proposed perfectly fit withan industrial and tertiary deployment.

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Security Solution

Through this solution, a private company, a public establishment or an installer would have all the video protection equipment, access control and intrusion detection to equip buildings.

See SECURITY Solution

You will find the 4 solutions proposed below and the recommended products on that kind of network.

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