Special offer : Floor Distribution Box

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Posted on 09.10.2019
The Floor Distribution Box (FDB) is used to protect the area of the riser cable where the window has been cut to pull out fibers and the subscriber cables and splices. This FDB is particularly user-friendly to install. The riser cable can be installed from the right or left side of the FDB without having to disassemble the contents. An integrated level ensures a visually-attractive installation. The FDB is easy to open, but does require a flat-head screwdriver to prevent it from being opened unintentionally. 

The advantages of the Floor Distribution Box (FDB)
✔️ Compact box for easy installation
✔️ Capacity of 48 splices, up to 12 subscriber cables 
✔️ Lockable box with lead seal or collar
✔️ Simple and intuitive installation

Special offer: 25 FDB bought + 3 offered
Offer available from 01/10/2019 to 31/12/2019
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