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« A shared vision and ambition »

TETRADIS, CYSALYS: A merger making sense

Based on the strength of its industrial, human and financial resources as well as the continuity of its strategic development, TETRADIS reinforces its commercial positioning on the “Power solutions” offers by integrating CYSALYS/ through the integration of CYSALYS. Thus, the group agrees on speed up its development and bear out its willpower to provide innovative and efficient energy solutions to the telecommunication network.

Specialized in the power supply of isolated sites, CYSALYS designs connected solar or hybrid energy solutions. Autonomous terminals are designed in order to be adjustable, easily transportable and evolving, these modular solutions are a temporary or definitive response to the whole energy issues.

Together, we contribute to assure an access to mobility for all, reducing the energetic impact of the telecommunications infrastructures.

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